Welcome to my web site. I am qualified in both Homoeopathy and Reflexology and am available for consultation to assist in the relief of a wide range of ailments.


Homœopathy is a system of healing based on the principle first described by Hippocrates, of ‘like cures like’, which states that a substance that can cause a disease can also relieve it.


In Reflexology, which dates back to ancient times, we apply pressure to certain reflex points on the feet (or hands), to stimulate and restore health and natural equilibrium to corresponding parts of the body.


Reflexology and Homœopathy can and have been used for all ages and conditions of life; as the application and effect of the process are unique to each person.

What conditions might Homœopathy & Reflexology help with?

Because they take account of the whole person rather than a particular disease process, homœopathy and reflexology may be beneficial for virtually any ailment; from long lasting chronic conditions to more recent acute ones.

What to expect?

An initial consultation tends to last between one and two hours. During this time you will be guided through a detailed picture of your condition, including your past medical and life history.


Ph: 07887 791912


Jennifer Lawes MAR RSHom BSc(Hons)

I am an Australian by birth and the proud mother of seven extraordinary children.

I have been interested in alternative and complementary therapies for over 30 years and I have written a homœopathic first aid book for babies called ‘Baby and Beyond’.

I trained at the Philip Salmon School of Reflexology in Hammersmith and the British School of Homœopathy in Bath and attained a Batchelor of Science (Hons) in Health Sciences: Homeopathy at the University of Westminster in London.